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Every Day Action is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to re-allocate the food waste on film sets directly to those living on the streets of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and the San Fernando Valley. Founded and run by two DGA Assistant Directors, donating leftover food from production has never been easier. You give us the call sheet; we’ll do the rest!

Every Day Action was created and founded by Hillary Cohen and Samantha Luu, two Directors Guild of America Assistant Directors hoping to change the way Hollywood sees food waste. Both women, having worked over 10 years on sets, have continually asked why the leftover gourmet food from catering is thrown out and not donated. They both were always met with the same standard excuse- it is too complicated and dangerous, it is best if we just throw it out.

Sam and Hillary have decided that with so many people living on the streets in Southern California, that Hollywood needs to make a change. In an industry that is pushing the envelope on going green; proud of the plastics and paper one might save; Sam and Hillary are asking: but what about the people?!


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We safely, swiftly, and seamlessly coordinate meal pickups from both studios and locations, provide food packaging, and transport meals directly to LA's most needy. We work 24 hours a day from breakfast to lunch to dinner (yes, even 3rd meal). We know the film industry intimately, so discretion, safety, and speed are our top priorities. We employ production assistants and background actors as pick up/drop off coordinators while in between jobs, and our board members are working professionals who work in the entertainment industry and volunteer sectors. All of us together can make a huge difference in the lives of LA’s most vulnerable.

Everyday, EVERY DAY ACTION helps eliminate food waste on TV and film sets all over Los Angeles by picking up hundreds of left-over gourmet prepared meals and delivering them directly to people who need it: our local unhoused and underprivileged communities.

Our mission is to inspire others to take care of their local community and to ask themselves daily: What can I do to help someone today?


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To learn more about this non-profit, and their work, visit them at: https://www.youreverydayaction.org/